the imani country house is located in the quinta de montemuro which mainly is, in its genesis, an agricultural farm, built on a hill divided by ledges, surrounded with walls in the greater part of its extension. Its origins are remote.

the physical arrangement of the property led to the construction of a unique system of water transportation through tunnels dug in the gravel, in the north/west area, which will feed the several wells, mines and counter mines downstream, a system with over four hundred meters of excavations in the rock, with underground rooms more than 9 meters high.

at the beginning of the last century, in its labor profile, interventions for recreational purposes were introduced: gardens, lawns, stone tanks, sculptures and linked to a grove of centenarian cedars that make the quinta unique throughout the alentejo. the building which now houses the hotel, once used as home of agricultural workers, dates from September 1909. between the decades of 1940 and 1960 over 50 people lived here.



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