guided tours to the archaeological heritage of the region of évora, highlighting cromlech mehnir of almendres and big dolmen of zambujeiro


discover one of the most beautiful cities in europe, classified as world heritage by unesco, its history and secrets


fishing, bird watching, hiking, biking, outdoor games


you can ride a sailboat in the alqueva's dam, while you enjoy a snack

imani bio sounds



Come and listen to the sounds of the Alentejo.
From the storks to the cranes, passing though the nightingales, and also by insects and amphibians, it is possible to distinguish between various species of animals when we are in the Alentejo.
Did you know that the Hyla Meridionalis (a kind of frog) has a croak that you can hear miles away? Or that in fact bats are not blind  - in fact, they use ultrasound and some visual clues to guide them?
Come and discover these and other curiosities with our "Imani BioSounds" program.




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